Frequently Asked Questions
Feeding foxes:

TopAre urban foxes starving?

Far from it: a recent study in Bristol, UK, estimated that each night there is a minimum of 150 times as much food available as is required by the foxes. Of course, they compete for this with badgers, hedgehogs, and some domestic pets, but there is still a considerable food surplus available to the foxes.

TopAre urban foxes hungrier following the introduction of wheelie bins or the new rubbish collection system?

This is a myth: foxes rarely scavenge from litter bins, and so the introduction of animal-proof bins or changes to the rubbish collection system has no significant impact on the local foxes.

TopShould I feed the foxes in my garden?

If you want to, yes. Foxes provide endless entertainment, and have a pretty catholic diet. There are a couple of "don'ts":

  1. Do not try to get the foxes to take food from your hand, since they may then frighten other people by approaching them for food or, even worse, get into the habit of entering houses. Leave the food in the garden or a nearby piece of waste land and watch from a distance.
  2. A bowl with dog food
    Don't overfeed foxes
  3. Also, do not feed too much. It will make the foxes dependent on you. Also, it will encourage the foxes to hang around rather than go off foraging and can lead to excessive damage and fouling in your neighbours' gardens. This can cause unnecessary conflict and, in extreme cases, has led to the neighbours employing a pest control company to kill the foxes you are feeding. Avoid potential problems by being considerate to your neighbours.